20g Rare Finish Jet Polychrome Superduo Czech Glass Seed Beads Two Hole Super Duo 2.5mm X 5mm

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20g (0.71 oz) RARE FINISH Jet Polychrome Dark Capri Blue SUPERDUO Czech Glass Seed Beads Two Hole Super Duo 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20")

Color: Jet / Polychrome / Dark Capri Blue
Size (mm): 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20")
Hole size (mm): 1mm (0.04") (approximately)
Shape: SuperDuo / Czech Glass Two Hole Seed Beads
Sold in packs of 20g (0.71 oz) (approximately 300pcs)

SKU 29245.

9 lot(s)

20g (0.71 oz) RARE FINISH Jet Polychrome Chameleon Green Gray SUPERDUO Czech Glass Seed Beads Two Hole Super Duo 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20")

Color: Jet / Polychrome / Chameleon / Green / Gray
Size (mm): 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20")
Hole size (mm): 1mm (0.04") (approximately)
Shape: SuperDuo / Czech Glass Two Hole Seed Beads
Sold in packs of 20g (0.71 oz) (approximately 300pcs)

SKU 29246.

6 lot(s)

20g (0.71 oz) RARE FINISH Jet Polychrome Chameleon Green SUPERDUO Czech Glass Seed Beads Two Hole Super Duo 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20")

Color: Jet / Polychrome / Chameleon Green
Size (mm): 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20")
Hole size (mm): 1mm (0.04") (approximately)
Shape: SuperDuo / Czech Glass Two Hole Seed Beads
Sold in packs of 20g (0.71 oz) (approximately 290pcs)

SKU 29247.


Do you want to make a pleasant surprise for your beloved one under the mistletoe? The best time for it is just around the corner, so we’ve prepared the collection of Valentine Day bead patterns in order to inspire you with love! You can visit our Valentine Day Czech Glass Beads Tutorials and Patterns page and find the most stylish and beautiful bead pattern valentine !
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What’s the weather like today? Do you have a winter mood or is it still autumn in your heart? In each case, we’ve prepared a new Chilli, S uperDuo Twin, Two hole beads patterns necklace tutorial for you! It’s the best present for your beloved one!
Today we have prepared for you a very stylish and beautiful pattern for beaded bracelet ! In order to repeat this bracelet beading pattern you need huge inspiration, your beading skills and our diy ribbon bracelet tutorial! Let’s start thinking what Christmas presents we can prepare for our beloved ones!
Here is the new and very exclusive cabochon rivoli necklace pattern ! More precisely, we have prepared a free rivoli bracelet, necklace and earrings pattern called Syria Beaded Jewelry Set! All you need in order to repeat this glass cabochon tutorial is your inspiration, beading box and free time! We hope you’ll enjoy the creation of this cabochon beads pattern !
Here is a new rivoli, seed beads, superduo rope pattern of an extremely elegant seed bead brooch! In order to repeat this Scarf Brooch Clip Ring Free Pattern you’ll need abovementioned types of beads, a little bit of inspiration and our help in the form of this free video seed beads brooch pattern! Enjoy your beading process!
Today we are ready to present our new video tutorial for you - Beaded Cube Bead Jewelry Set! This bead glass jewelry pattern can be used both for earrings and pendants creation, as the final decision depends only on your imagination. Materials that you will need for this free beaded pendant and earrings pattern are fire polished, teardrop, pellet and seed beads.
New multifunctional beading pattern is waiting for you! We have prepared a new video tutorial of a stylish Beaded Pendant Necklace that is easily to be repeated. In fact, because the central element of this design is a beaded bead, you can easily use this pattern not only for the creation of a necklace pendant bead, but also as a central element for your beaded bracelet and even for large...
Let’s add some modern and stylish vibes to your jewelry designs with our new arrivals – Czech Glass SuperDuo beads! Moreover, these Czech 2 hole glass beads are now available in 103 different colors and finishes, so it’s no need to worry – every design idea can be realized!
Jewelry that can be used in multiple ways is very popular among modern women, and beaded cord is not an exception. You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or even as a belt. We have prepared a video tutorial for you, so follow it step by step and you will become an owner of a beautiful jewelry item.
Spring is coming! Try creating a new set in warm colors with Czech glass SuperDuo, MiniDuo or Twin  beads. The universal options for the uses of beads from Czech Beads Exclusive are absolutely inexhaustible! Try making the following honeycomb structures and create an effective luxury set.
This tutorial is for SuperDuo / MiniDuo lovers - beginner/intermediate level. Following it you will sew (by stringing SuperDuos, MiniDuos and seed beads) beautiful Harlequin Beaded bead, that you can use for necklace, earrings, pendant or bracelet.
These grapes will always remind you about sunny days and will never fade! Because of new finish of Czech glass seed beads - Cornelian Star - grapes look so natural! Cornelian Star seed beads are white six-pointed star lined seed beads in 8 colors. The points of the white core shine through the transparent color overlay and their shadows create the impression of fine stripes. You can use other...
Christmas is definitely time of beaded snowflakes!❄ ❅ ❆ And it is another interesting Christmas beading tutorial. Following it you will create beautiful Christmas Snowflake decoration from new Czech 2 hole Candy beads and Twin or SuperDuo weaving beads. You can use this snowflake for a brooch or make it a part of necklace - so not only your Christmas tree will be decorated with it :) Also...
Special for magic Christmas beading time were created 2 finishes on Czech glass beads - Nebula and Metalust! NEBULA line is new coating line based on opaque shades of colors. Metalust is special metallic luster finish on Czech glass beads. You can use Nebula SuperDuo or Metalust SuperDuo for this Snowflakes earrings tutorial and surprise everyone with outstanding look of your new accessory! Or...

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The color is just beautiful on these beads. I used them with black and with the color change it's quite beautiful.
Jolinmodele harmonie du blanc et or
Very beautiful beads. Thanks so much!
All at the highest level. Product super.
These beads are so pretty!!!
Hanno un colore molto bello, come nell'immagine.
love the beads....beads arrived on Christmas eve thank you this review is for the entire order.
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