20g Turquoise Blue Gold Capri SUPERDUO Czech Glass Seed Beads Two Hole Super Duo 2.5mm x 5mm

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20g (0.71 oz) Turquoise Blue Gold Capri SUPERDUO Czech Glass Seed Beads Two Hole Super Duo 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20")

Color: Turquoise Blue / Gold Capri
Size (mm): 2.5mm (0.20") x 5mm (0.20"), hole – 0.8mm (0.31")
Shape: SuperDuo / Czech Glass Two Hole Seed Beads
Sold in packs of 20g (0.71 oz) (approximately 240 pcs)

SKU 25949.


Are you ready to look like a queen? It is now possible with a new video tutorial of an extremely elegant, royal fashion necklace. Follow the stepwise video tutorial and create your own glamorous jewelry!
Jewelry that can be used in multiple ways is very popular among modern women, and beaded cord is not an exception. You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or even as a belt. We have prepared a video tutorial for you, so follow it step by step and you will become an owner of a beautiful jewelry item.
Beauty lies in simplicity, does it? In this case we have prepared 20 easy techniques of simple, but extremely elegant bracelets for you!
Dear handmakers, We have prepared for you Pistachio Wonder free tutorial of the sewn bracelet. It looks luxury, and at the same time it is not difficult to be made. You will need Czech Glass SuperDuo/Twin and Candy Beads to recreate the tutorial. We promise, you will look stylish and unforgettable with these accessories, just like these awesome beads!
Christmas is definitely time of beaded snowflakes!❄ ❅ ❆ And it is another interesting Christmas beading tutorial. Following it you will create beautiful Christmas Snowflake decoration from new Czech 2 hole Candy beads and Twin or SuperDuo weaving beads. You can use this snowflake for a brooch or make it a part of necklace - so not only your Christmas tree will be decorated with it :) Also...
Special for magic Christmas beading time were created 2 finishes on Czech glass beads - Nebula and Metalust! NEBULA line is new coating line based on opaque shades of colors. Metalust is special metallic luster finish on Czech glass beads. You can use Nebula SuperDuo or Metalust SuperDuo for this Snowflakes earrings tutorial and surprise everyone with outstanding look of your new accessory! Or...
Many kinds of SuperDuo and MiniDuo two hole beads (small version of SuperDuo) are back to stock - so you can try this beautiful KARAKUM beaded earrings tutorial! New finish on SuperDuos - NEBULA SuperDuo will make your project more shiny, while it will appear more rustic with Picasso SuperDuos. The same situation is with MiniDuos, they look so attractive in combination with SuperDuos!
It`s another interesting free beaded bead tutorial - this bead can be made from Czech SuperDuos and Czech Pinch beads. You can string this beaded bead combining with other Czech glass beads or you can make earrings with it. There are so many possibilities how to use this beaded bead! Popular Czech SuperDuo and Pinch beads are back to CzechBeadsExclusive shop - check them and make your...

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Finish name:
Turquoise Blue Gold
Czech Glass


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