30pcs Metallic Silver Czech Glass Dagger Beads Flat Leaf 5mm x 16mm

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30pcs Metallic Silver Czech Glass Dagger Beads Flat Leaf 5mm (0.20") x 16mm (0.63")

Official glass / finish name: Crystal Transparent Labrador Full
Color: Metallic Silver
Size (mm): 5mm (0.20") x 16mm (0.63")
Shape: Leaf Beads / Dragger Beads
Sold in packs of 30pcs

SKU 18872.


Today we’d like to offer you to plunge a little bit into the history and traditions of Mardi Gras parades, which are closely connected with Mardi Gras glass beads . Czech glass mardi gras beads were very popular in use on Fat Tuesday in New Orleans. Millions of people crowded to catch as many Mardi Gras glass bead necklaces, as their necks can bear. Nevertheless, when did the tradition with...
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Have you ran out of ideas how to make your jewelry collection even more diverse and stylish? Here is a new beading decision for you, as we open access to our biggest collection of Czech Glass Dagger Leaf Beads! What is more, dagger glass beads are now available in 520 designs and with sizes varying from 6, 7, 10 to 21mm! Can you imagine? Let’s start creating our perfect dagger beads...
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You can create a pleasant Christmas atmosphere with these small fragile Christmas snowflake decorations from SuperDuo or Twin beads , new Czech two-hole bead shape - Chilli beads and Czech daggers . Your snowflakes can be not only gold-colored but red, green or purple if you will use Chilli beads in other finishes. You will need...

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Finish name:
Czech Glass


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