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Acrylic Beads

Since fashion jewelry and accessories are being extremely popular among customers, the market for jewelry is constantly growing with some manufacturers doing everything they can to knock down the price and boost the sales at the same time. Acrylic beads are the most common ones; you can get them in all colors, shapes and sizes possible. They are very easy to buy and use, especially for an inexperienced customer. The price might also look very attractive but do not get fooled by cheapness as there is a difference between the price and the actual cost.

What is acryl?

Acryl is a synthetic material that is known for being toxic unless it is a dental acryl that has been tested and proven to be safe for people. Of course, fine jewelry brands that put their reputation first would never use toxic materials but when it comes to wholesale acrylic beads you buy online, how can you check the quality or the supplier's history?

Skin contact

The acryl used in cheaper Chinese jewelry probably has not been seriously tested for a prolonged skin contact. Another thing is that acryl as a material is known to be porous and so it will actually harbor bacteria when having a direct skin contact. To be more specific people that use acrylic earrings start noticing that they can smell them unless they are cleaned a few times a day. Cheap acrylic beads can be dangerous even though some people still believe acryl is fine as long as the wearer does not have any allergy to it. Acryl does ooze toxins, think about it, and perhaps you will feel like throwing all the cheaper beads away.


As a customer you might want to pay attention to the beads and jewelry made of materials that are natural to the skin such as glass or turquoise. The jewelry made of those beads will not carry any danger to people and it definitely will not chip providing a much better experience.


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