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Czech 2 Hole Candy Beads - RED SKY Beaded Necklace free tutorial (PDF)

It`s just another interesting tutorial how to use Czech 2-Hole Cabochons - 8mm Candy Beads Following this tutorial you will create sewn ball from Czech 2-Hole Candy beads - that will be a part of modern beaded necklace with a tassel. Different finishes of Candy beads - different styles of your jewelry, there are a lot of possibilities to make your own outstanding design!

★Please send us links to the creations that you will make (or already have made!) from our beads and any other information that you want (your contact information, jewelry description etc) to our e-mail or please use special Submit Form

You will need:
  • 20x 8mm Czech Candy beads in different finishes
  • 9x Czech Firget-Me-Not Flower beads
  • 16mm Glass bead
  • 88x 4mm round Fire Polished beads
  • 280x 8/0 Czech Seed Beads
  • 410x BLUE, 250x PINK, 250x LIGHT PINK 10/0 Czech Seed Beads

Czech 2 Hole Candy Beads - RED SKY Beaded Necklace free tutorial (PDF)


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