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Czech Glass 5mm x 16mm Dagger Beads - New Arrivals - 03.05.2017

Czech Glass 5mm x 16mm Dagger Beads are clear shaped beads in slim, elongated form with a color or color combination that creates more detailed look when the colors are viewed through the each side of the bead. It gives each bead a adorable look depending on which angle the bead is viewed from. This shape gives handcrafters more options in creating unusual designs to generate excitement and interest. We at CzechBeadsExclusive have chosen for you Czech Glass 5mm x 16mm Dagger Beads in the most beautiful finishes: Metallic finish, Picasso finish, Etched finish, Peacock finish, Tweedy finish, Opal finish, Matte finish. Check these beads right now to be inspired for more new creations! Please feel free to ask about any Czech glass beads that you are searching for! Watch our Czech Glass Dagger Beads video (please subscribe to CzechBeadsExclusive YouTube Channel!)