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Czech Glass Beads: Nib-Bit Beads - New Arrivals 31.03.2017

Have you ever seen before such an unusual shape of beads? Today we gonna represent absolutely new Czech Glass beads, designed by Nela Kábelová, Nib-Bit Czech glass bead. Magnificent shine of each single piece is more visible and bright than classic pressed beads has, it’s on the level of fire-polished beads. Two holes have a glossy smooth surface that does not tear off any stringing material.     Single parts of your bracelet or necklace will be much more detailed and diverse. Just imagine, how many new variants of jewelry design you can open. Possibilities are restricted only by your imagination. We at CzechBeadsExclusive have chosen for you Czech glass Nib-Bit beads in 42 most popular bead finishes: Picasso, new amazing Nebula finish, eye-catching metallic Metalust covering, Matte and Luster finishes. Check these beads and don`t forget to download our free Czech Nib-Bit beads tutorials and patterns! Please feel free to ask about any Czech glass beads that you are searching for! Watch our Czech Glass Nib-Bit Beads video (please subscribe to CzechBeadsExclusive YouTube Channel!)


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