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Czech Glass Buttons - New Arrivals 17.03.2017

Dear handmakers! We are happy to present you new great and  beautiful buttons! New Czech Glass Buttons are in trendy and stylish finishes: buttons are added in matte, beautiful ab frosted, vitrail, crystal glass and of course everything is hand painted! You can use Czech Glass Buttons as focal bead for earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants or brooches, there are a lot of possibilities to use them! Check out our Czech Glass Buttons – we are sure you will find something for your new jewelry collection! We do our best to stock various colors to suit different clients’ requirements and preferences. All Czech buttons are manufactured in Czech Republic. It is not mass-product – so your jewelry will be unique with these Czech buttons!
Please feel free to ask about any Czech glass beads or buttons that you are searching for!
Watch our Czech glass buttons video (please subscribe to CzechBeadsExclusive YouTube Channel!)


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