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Czech Glass Hill Beads - POLISHED UMBEL Necklace Free Tutorial (PDF)

Are you lacking an original necklace for cocktails? Try making one using this simple tutorial from CzechBeadsExclusive beads. The linking technique is not difficult. In order to make this linked necklace, you will need metal parts and the new cut and fire polished Czech Glass Hill Beards half-ball with a diameter of 6 and 8 mm. The protuberant section of this bead is decorated with a multiple cut. The wide range of surface finishes can further enhance the effects of the cut surfaces.
★Please send us links to the creations that you will make (or already have made!) from our beads and any other information that you want (your contact information, jewelry description etc) to our e-mail or please use special Submit Form
You will need (for white or black variants):

Czech Glass Hill Beads - POLISHED UMBEL Beaded Necklace Free Tutorial (PDF)


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