Czech Glass Preciosa Rocailles Seed Beads - New Arrivals + Matte Frosted Sea Glass Look Finish!

Can you see this glass seed beads bulk? We are happy to introduce our new arrivals to you – Czech Glass Preciosa Rocailles Seed Beads. From now on, you can use Preciosa rocailles seed beads for you stylish glass seed bead jewelry designs. Rocailles beads are now available in different colors, sizes and finishes, including famous matte frosted sea glass look finish!

Every handmaker can now choose suitable Czech glass seed beads sizes up to her/his taste. If you are fond of bead embroidery, you can use extra small tiny Czech glass seed beads size 15 0 for unusual and unique patterns. As an interesting beading idea, you can make glass rocailles preciosa beads 15 clusters and use them as the main pattern of your glass seed bead bracelets. On the other hand, seed beads rocailles size 5 0 & Czech glass seed beads size 6 0 are universal sizes and in such a case, these glass beads rocailles can become perfect spacers for jewelry making.

For the large sizes, they can be used as usual beads. For example, it is possible to create fashionable earrings using 3 0 glass pearl or even silver lined seed beads. With rocailles 2 6mm seed glass beads you can try to make a seed glass pendant for your Czech seed bead necklace, alternating these beads with Czech glass seed beads 6 0 rainbow. 4/0 seed beads rocailles can help you to become a proud owner of a beaded cord. In order to make your design look beautiful, choose from the huge variety of color shades – red, turquoise, black glass seed beads, etc. Large 32/0 and 33/0 Ornela Czech seed beads are also suitable for glass seed bead necklaces, massive earrings, beaded cords and various bracelets.

If you are searching for Preciosa Czech glass seed beads tutorials, please check our Tutorial & Patterns page. For even more inspiration, visit our Customers Designs page, where you can also find different patterns with clear glass seed beads.

Buy high quality glass seed beads made in Czech Republic from Czech seed bead manufacturers! Enjoy the New Arrival Discount! Extra fast worldwide delivery with tracking code. Hurry up - sold out very fast! Sold with Love.

Watch our Czech Glass Preciosa Rocailles Seed Beads video (please subscribe to CzechBeadsExclusive YouTube Channel!):


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