Czech Glass Rivoli, Seed, SuperDuo Beads - Scarf Brooch Clip Ring Free Pattern Tutorial

Here is a new rivoli, seed beads, superduo rope pattern of an extremely elegant seed bead brooch! In order to repeat this Scarf Brooch Clip Ring Free Pattern you’ll need abovementioned types of beads, a little bit of inspiration and our help in the form of this free video seed beads brooch pattern! Enjoy your beading process!

The main details, which create the base for our bead brooch pattern, are three similar rings. In order to create them, you should take twenty two 2.5mm x 5mm SuperDuo beads, between which it’s a need to give eleven pieces of 3mm round beads in order to strengthen the bead beading pattern seed. As the next step, you should give 8/0 round seed beads between the already added beads and in such a way, you can elaborate the free rivoli bead pattern. Then you should alternate 8mm round seed beads with 3mm x 2mm rondelle beads and finish off the rings of our superduo rivoli pattern. As for the next step, it’s a need to repeat this seed bead ring pattern two more times and create those tree rings we mentioned in the beginning of the rivoli pattern. It’s also very important to strengthen the construction, so for this purpose you’ll need to alternate 4mm bicone crystal beads, 3mm round beads and 10/0 round seed beads.

The next step of the swarovski rivoli pattern beading process is to braid our core element 14mm rivoli bead from all sides, and as a result it will shine bright and beautiful like a chameleon! In order to braid it, you can take 8mm round seed beads and surround the core bead of our 14 mm rivoli pattern with dual rows. The final step is to join all the details of our rivoli crystals bead pattern together using fifteen 10mm round seed, bicone and rondelle beads! Do you like the result?

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