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Teardrop Czech Glass Beads for Sale and Wholesale

You must have already noticed the amazing beads that look like water drops. The Teardrop Czech Glass Beads are extremely exquisite and beautiful; they will symbolize your amazing classy understated taste. Small Tear drop glass beads come in 4x6 mm, 9x6 mm, 8x5 mm, 5x7mm and 10x7 mm. Large Teardrop beads and pendants come in 26x8 mm, 15x10 mm, 19x10 mm, 18x18 mm etc.

Teardrop beads can have a horizontal or a vertical hole so you can incorporate the shape into any design. They make for amazing danglers, fringe, tassels and macramé. But of course you should use your beads as you please, after all the end design is all up to you.

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