Czech Patina Metal Beads, Spacers, Charms – New Arrivals

Are you searching for metal spacer beads for jewelry? In this case, we can please you with the news. As our new arrivals – Czech Patina Metal Beads, Spacers, Charms – are ready to realize any of your beading ideas! Just don’t limit your imagination!

To begin with, you can create silver metal bead, long gold and silver cat, bird, coin, chain, number, bell, book, disc, owl, bow, pearl, swallow, heart charm necklace s. In order to make the patina design more interesting, you can add different jewelry spacers beads : rose gold, silver, Swarovski, antique, pure solid copper, flat spacers beads, metal heart, curved gold tube, silver flower, Pandora, hematite, bridge spacer beads . In addition, you can take green patina copper; blue, brown patina; brown and red patina on copper; faux, silver, gold, iron patina finish.

As for silver feather charm holder pendants, you can decorate them with silver tear drop, carrot, greek eye, pigeon, bear claw, lily, saint, iron man, rose shell Pandora, snail, peridot, banana, American flag, dragon, rainbow, oval, donut, tool, top hat, chilli, Pegasus, crystal, cuff, wine glass, disk, friend, crucifix, ladybug, labrador charms. It is also possible to add white gold, silver disc rose, angel wing, flat black, silver spike, pandora charm, square, ring, barrel, star, antique, two hole, bronze spacer beads . What is more, don’t forget about dark, royal, mild steel, hot, golden, white, copper leaf, clear coat, light, art patina beads.

By the way, it’s also possible to make stylish antique pandora gold and silver charm bracelets using small gold and silver bracelet charms, small solid silver cross charms for bracelets. You can also add silver celtic cross, princess, peacock, cat in the hat, love heart, nautilus shell, mushroom, ufo, paw, boomerang, trefoil, charm . In addition, you can use metal rose flower, small and large round gun metal seashell beads; gold silver metal beads, metallic silver seed beads. As you can see, there are plenty of ideas!

The last but not the least is the pair of silver metal love charm earrings or even silver starfish charm drop earrings. You can decorate them using metal flat charm beads, metal beads silver butterflys, diamond cut silver zodiac charms, shamrock silver charms, silver footprint charms and different interesting silver charms pandora.

In case you are searching for custom silver dog charms necklace , spacer beads for pandora style bracelets patterns, check our Tutorials & Patterns page. For more pearl necklace with silver charm, turquoise and silver charm and london silver charm bracelet patterns, visit our our Customers Designs page.

Just to let you know, silver round metal beads are at wholesale on Enjoy the New Arrival Discount! Extra fast worldwide delivery with tracking code. Hurry up - sold out very fast! Sold with Love.

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