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Czech SuperDuo and MiniDuo Beads - KARAKUM Beaded Earrings free tutorial (PDF)

Many kinds of SuperDuo and MiniDuo two hole beads (small version of SuperDuo) are back to stock - so you can try this beautiful KARAKUM beaded earrings tutorial! New finish on SuperDuos - NEBULA SuperDuo will make your project more shiny, while it will appear more rustic with Picasso SuperDuos. The same situation is with MiniDuos, they look so attractive in combination with SuperDuos!

★Please send us links to the creations that you will make (or already have made!) from our beads and any other information that you want (your contact information, jewelry description etc) to our e-mail or please use special Submit Form

You will need (for 1 bead):
  • 8x Czech SuperDuo beads
  • 16pcs Czech MiniDuo beads
  • 2g Matubo 8/0
  • 0.5g 15/0 Czech seed beads
  • 0.5g 11/0 Czech seed beads
  • 16x 2mm Round or Fire-Polished beads

Czech SuperDuo and MiniDuo Beads - KARAKUM Beaded Earrings free tutorial (PDF)


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