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Czech SuperDuo or Twin Beads - Marbles Beaded Necklace free tutorial (PDF)

These marbles are an easy-to-make addition to any accessories! You will definitely win fashion competition if you will put on this necklace! You can make it more holiday-look or more casual - it depends on the colors of SuperDuo / Twin beads that you will choose. The quantity of marbles depends on you too.
You will need:
  • Blue Superduo or Twin beads - 600x
  • Pink Superduo or Twin beads - 180x
  • Orange Superduo or Twin beads - 180x
  • Gold Superduo or Twin beads - 300x
  • Brown Superduo or Twin beads - 180x

Czech SuperDuo or Twin Beads - Marbles Beaded Necklace free tutorial (PDF)


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