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Czech SuperDuo or Twin, Dagger, Chilli Beads - Beaded Christmas Snowflakes Ornament free tutorial (PDF)

You can create a pleasant Christmas atmosphere with these small fragile Christmas snowflake decorations from SuperDuo or Twin beads, new Czech two-hole bead shape - Chilli beads and Czech daggers. Your snowflakes can be not only gold-colored but red, green or purple if you will use Chilli beads in other finishes.
You will need (for 1 snowflake):
  • 12x Twin or SuperDuo Czech two-hole beads
  • 12x Czech Chilli two-hole beads
  • 6x 16mm Czech dagger beads
  • 6x 11/0 (2.1mm) Czech seed beads

Czech SuperDuo or Twin, Chilli, Dagger Beads - Beaded Christmas Flakes Ornament free tutorial (PDF)


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