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Go Up To The Hill With New Czech Glass Hill Beads!

If you like the royal shine of Czech glass Faceted Fire Polished beads - this novelty is exactly for you! Czech glass Hill beads are round Czech glass Fire Polished beads divided in a half. This bead shape offers you a lot of possibilities how to use them: they can substitute ordinary glass fire polished beads, or can be used in an creative way - for example as caps for mushrooms or acorns or center of a flower. Czech glass Hill beads come in 2 most useful sizes - 6mm for small delicate projects (earrings, brooches etc) and in 8mm for bracelets, necklaces and so one. Furthermore you can mix both sizes and create something outstanding! We have gathered the most interesting Czech Hill bead projects into a small video - please watch it for your beading inspiration! Also check free Czech Hill bead tutorials and patterns!


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