NEW FINISH 10g Metallic California Blue Gold Matubo 8/0 Czech Glass Large Hole Seed Beads

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NEW FINISH 10g (0.35 oz) Metallic California Blue Gold Matubo 8/0 Czech Glass Large Hole Seed Beads

Color: Metallic / Blue / Gold
Size (mm): 8/0 – 3,1mm (0.04") x 2,1mm (0.04"), (approximately)
Hole size (mm): 1,3mm (0.12") (approximately)
Shape: Round Seed Beads Matubo
Sold in packs of 10g (0.35 oz) (approximately 350pcs)

SKU 25993.


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Finish name:
Metallic Blue Gold Black
Czech Glass


My first purchase from this shop, although I had been coveting a lot of the beads sold here. The beads are of excellent quality and shipping was fast and on time.
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