NEW FINISH 10g UV Active Crystal Neon Orange Lined Halloween Matubo 8/0 Czech Glass Large Hole Seed Beads

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NEW FINISH 10g (0.35 oz) UV Active Crystal Neon Orange Lined Halloween Matubo 8/0 Czech Glass Large Hole Seed Beads

Color: UV Active / Crystal / Neon / Orange Lined
Size (mm): 8/0 – 3,1mm (0.04") x 2,1mm (0.04"), (approximately)
Hole size (mm): 1,3mm (0.12") (approximately)
Shape: Round Seed Beads Matubo
Sold in packs of 10g (0.35 oz) (approximately 350pcs)

SKU 25984.


Are you ready to shine bright with the new Neon beads bracelet pattern ? This time we offer you to create an unusual but very stylish seed bead rope floral bracelet pattern in bright neon colors using relatively simple stringing technique. All you need to design the floral bracelet beading pattern are Hot Neon UV Active Czech Glass beads and your imagination! Let’s create our...
Do you like unusual and modern jewelry patterns? In this case, we’ve prepared a fantastic collection of UV Active Neon Hot Czech Glass Beads, Cabochons, Buttons, which shine bright under the UV light! Are you still not sure how to add UV glass beads to your beading projects? We’ll now tell you!
Can you hear the sound of the waves breaking? It’s all because we have a new special Ripple Necklace pattern tutorial for you! Please yourself with this glamorous jewelry!
How about the challenge of creating an unusual, extremely elegant and beautiful beaded cabochon? You can easily manage it with the new Beaded Cabochon tutorial that we have prepared for you! Turn your beaded cabochon into a gemstone with a rich setting – the perfect stone for your brooch, beaded cabochon pendant or maybe even stylish cabochon earrings!
Is it possible to create a piece of beautiful high-quality jewelry in a short space of time? Absolutely! Today we have prepared for you a special video tutorial, which shows how to quickly make an elegant bracelet that can become a perfect gift for yourself or your beloved person!
Dear handmakers, Do you feel these royal vibes? It is all because we have prepared for you a special Corona Beaded Bead tutorial. Aristocratic, elegant, modest and at the same time rich design of this beaded necklace doesn’t leave anyone cold. More than that, it is not difficult to be made at all! Follow our free tutorial step-by-step and recreate the beaded bead.
Beauty lies in simplicity, does it? In this case we have prepared 20 easy techniques of simple, but extremely elegant bracelets for you!
Dear handmakers, We have prepared for you Pistachio Wonder free tutorial of the sewn bracelet. It looks luxury, and at the same time it is not difficult to be made. You will need Czech Glass SuperDuo/Twin and Candy Beads to recreate the tutorial. We promise, you will look stylish and unforgettable with these accessories, just like these awesome beads!
Using Czech glass 2 hole Rulla beads and Czech glass seed beads you can easily make unusual triangle earrings, or this triangle can be eye-catching focal bead for necklace or pendant.
These grapes will always remind you about sunny days and will never fade! Because of new finish of Czech glass seed beads - Cornelian Star - grapes look so natural! Cornelian Star seed beads are white six-pointed star lined seed beads in 8 colors. The points of the white core shine through the transparent color overlay and their shadows create the impression of fine stripes. You can use other...
It`s just another interesting tutorial how to use Czech 2-Hole Cabochons - 8mm Candy Beads Following this tutorial you will create sewn ball from Czech 2-Hole Candy beads - that will be a part of modern beaded necklace with a tassel. Different finishes of Candy beads - different styles of your jewelry, there are a lot of possibilities to make your own outstanding design!
Many kinds of SuperDuo and MiniDuo two hole beads (small version of SuperDuo) are back to stock - so you can try this beautiful KARAKUM beaded earrings tutorial! New finish on SuperDuos - NEBULA SuperDuo will make your project more shiny, while it will appear more rustic with Picasso SuperDuos. The same situation is with MiniDuos, they look so attractive in combination with SuperDuos!
It`s another interesting free beaded bead tutorial - this bead can be made from Czech SuperDuos and Czech Pinch beads. You can string this beaded bead combining with other Czech glass beads or you can make earrings with it. There are so many possibilities how to use this beaded bead! Popular Czech SuperDuo and Pinch beads are back to CzechBeadsExclusive shop - check them and make your...
Chicks from Neon SuperDuo or Twin beads will light up not only Easter holidays but also the beginning of spring! Two hole beads give us a super opportunity to crate this unusual spring decoration, while neon finish of Czech beads will make an additional emphasis on your project. As always you can use beads in different sizes (for example...
This is another great Valentine`s Day gift idea - 3D heart from Czech seed beads or Czech fire polished beads . You can use some imitation pearl beads to make these hearts more cute and grace! This small easy-to-make handmade gift will be definitely a great surprise for your loved ones. The final heart can be used as pendant, hanger for...

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Finish name:
Crystal Orange
Czech Glass


Very pretty and unusual. They arrived quite fast.
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