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New version of our website

Dear handmakers! We were hard working on new version of our website this summer and we glad to introduce new version of our website.

What's new?

  • New responsive design, which will be comfortable for desktop & mobile users.
  • This website version supports 7 languages (English, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German) - we translated everything - from products to email notifications.
  • New categories, which help you to search our products by brand, motive or shape.
  • New affiliate program: you can earn bonuses or cash with comissions up to 30% right now.
  • New payment methods for Russian market (comming soon).
  • The fastest and powerful product search with suggestions.
  • Push notifications (you will be informed on time about new tutorials, arrivals etc).

How long old version will work?

We need a time for new version testing. So old version will work till September the 1st. You will find it, as usually, at

We will switch to new version on September the 1st. Old version won't be accessible from this time.

How can I login on a new website version?

We're syncronizing user accounts with old version. Your account is created already. Unfortunately we can't syncronize your password, so please request password reset for access to new version (it won't impact your account on old version).

What's about my orders history, cart, waitlist and wishlist?

We will synchronize your orders history, current cart items, waitlist and wishlist during testing period (it means till September the 1st).

There is a small exception. Due to technical reasons we won't synchronize your cart and wishlist after your first login in new version of website.

Start working with new version


Bravo pour ce nouveau site!
Je n'ai pas tout explorer mais le peu que j'ai est beaucoup mieux, plus moderne et surtout beaucoup plus clair et facile d'utilisation,
On accède plus facilement aux tutos, les photos attirent beaucoup plus le regard!
C'est très agréable !
Merci beaucoup et félicitations à Tous,
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