Pinch, Seed and 2 Hole Kheops Par Puca Czech Glass Beads - Easy Beaded Bracelet Video Pattern Free Tutorial

One of the easiest and practical pinch bead bracelet patterns for everyday wearing is waiting for you! This time it’s a pattern for Beaded Bracelet that every fashionable woman should have! We promise you, this 2 hole glass beads rope bracelets tutorial is very simple and you’ll need few material and time to repeat it!

You should begin by adding a locking size 11 Czech seed bead on the fishing line for bracelet. After this first step, you should take one of Kheops par puca triangle beads, two Czech seed beads size 110 and repeat this seed beads pattern, each time turning the top of the triangle over to the opposite side. You should make a chain of 29 kheops par puca beads in order to make this bracelet tutorial. The next step of this seed bead chain tutorial is to repeat the same chain stretch bracelet pattern one more time, making rings while interlinking with the fist line using Czech 11 0 seed beads and kheops par puca beads. After the whole woven chain bracelet tutorial pattern is done, you should elaborate it by adding 5mm Pinch beads along both sides of our pattern. The last step in the pinch beads bracelet pattern is to put 4m round beads in the middle of our rings. That’s all! The bead chain bracelet pattern is done! Do you like it?

If you watch the video, you'll find out how it is possible to transform this free bracelet pattern into beautiful chain necklace patterns! Enjoy your beading process!

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