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Is your style delicate, refined and aristocratic? In each case, it will become more feminine if you add Pearl Imitation Czech Glass Beads to your jewelry designs! What is more, jewelry with Christmas beads will be the perfect Christmas present for your girlfriend, mother or sister! Please them with Czech glass pearls beads handmade jewelry!

The first stylish glass beads pearls jewelry item that you can create is a pearl glass bead necklace. Actually, there are plenty of variants: brown large pearl and gold, silver beads necklaces; ruby, blue and sapphire bead pearl necklace; cezanne glass pearl bead cluster necklace. In order to make the beaded pearl necklace design more interesting, you can add play with the size and choose 3mm, 4mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm white glass pearl beads. Of course, it is also possible to experiment with colors and finishes, as you can choose between different colored glass pearl beads: Swarovski, violet blue, teardrop, orange, red, tanzanite, cream, pink, grey glass pearl beads; white, black, pink, ceylon pearl seed beads. If you’d like to make your gold pearl bead necklace more festive, you can also add vintage gold christmas glass beads; pony, bohemian glass bead christmas ornaments. Don’t forget to create beads pearls drop pendant using large swarovski pearl drop beads, tear drop shaped pearl beads, loose big, vintage faux black pearls beads, large coin pearl beads.

As for another beads glass pearls jewelry item, you can create a pearl and gold, silver, pearl white and seed bead bracelet. It’s also possible to add round white, pink pearls beads; 2mm, 3 mm, 6 mm round pearl beads, half flat white round pearl beads, Swarovski white faux pearl teardrop beads, oval shaped rice pearl beads, black pearls beads, white pearl beaded, small white pearl pony beads, large baroque white pearl beads, bead bronze icicle mother pearl; light, royal, dark, baby blue pearl beads.

You can also design beautiful black white pearl, majorica round bead earrings . It’s possible to elaborate the design with ivory while seed pearl beads, white coin pearl beads, white pearl rosary beads , pearl white candy beads, white shell pearl beads, large hot pink pearl beads; turquoise, faceted shell, purple pearl beads, pearl flower beads, gold pearl rosary pony beads, 2mm, 3 mm, 4mm, 5 mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm pearl beads. Just don’t limit your imagination!

If you are searching for seed bead and pearl necklace, bead blue necklace pearl tanzanite patterns, pearl bracelet with silver beads, turquoise beaded bracelet with cross and pearl charm, Christmas bead garland faux pearls, imitation pearl beads patterns, check our Tutorials & Patterns page. For even more pearl and glass bead necklace patterns, visit our Customers Designs page.

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