Seed Beads Hanks Calculator: how many pieces or grams of seed beads are in a hank?

First of all, it will be better to define what does it mean “hank of beads”. Selling seed beads per hanks is very popular in the United States. Beads hank can be defined in the following way – it is the measurement unit of strands of seed beads. An usual hank has twelve 20″ (51 cm) strands of beads.

Unfortunately, some sellers sell seed beads by the hank, others sell by weight or pieces. It creates some confusions, for example occur the following questions:

  • How big is a hank of beads?
  • How much is one hank of beads?
  • What is a full hank of beads?
  • How much weight does hank of seed beads have?

Answers to these questions will vary depending on the size of seed beads. Specially for these cases we developed calculator, which will simplify conversion from hanks to grams and grams to hanks. Please note, it was created for Czech Preciosa Seed Beads (results can be different for other manufacturers).

Czech Seed Beads Hanks / Grams Calculator

You will know seed bead diameter, weight of one piece, total pieces, total weight etc.

Input data

Output data


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