2 Mm Cabochon for Sale and Wholesale

Now we offer thirty types of 2 mm cabochon in one finishes and twelve sizes for price from two point five one to six point nine three dollars. For the 2 mm cabochon presented here, we have one thousand four hundred eleven patterns and thirteen reviews of true peoples. The most attractive colors are clear. The highest famous forms are round, oval, triangle. Possible sizes of 2 mm cabochon - 34mm, 37mm, 42mm, 38mm, 44mm, 28mm, 25mm, 24mm, 29mm, 48mm mm. The missing 2 mm cabochon are mainly replenished during sixty days. You can enroll to messages about replenish (we will send them by mail). Related tags: silver turquoise, blue cabochon, turquoise cabochon, pendant settings, bohemian findings, gold cabochon settings, patina pendant, blank pendant trays, antique silver settings, blank pendant bezel.

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