Clear Cabochon for Sale and Wholesale

Here we offer one hundred seventeen varieties of clear cabochon in four colors and one sizes for price from two point two four to six point nine three dollars. For the clear cabochon introduced here, we suggest one thousand one hundred thirty-one guides & twenty-four reviews of true handcrafters. The very famous colors are clear, crystal, brown, white. The most famous forms are round, cabochon. Available sizes of clear cabochon - 24mm mm. The missing clear cabochon are usually restocked during three hundred sixty-five days. You could sign up to alerts about restocking (we will send them via email). Related tags: glass round cabochon, czech glass cabochon, glass cabochon, domed cabochons, round cabochon, crystal cabochon, domed glass, glass cabochon 24mm, clear glass domes, cabochon.

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