Clear Glass Cabochons for Sale and Wholesale

In this category we present one hundred fifteen sorts of clear glass cabochons in two finishes and two sizes with a price from two point two six to six point nine three dollars. For the clear glass cabochons introduced on this webpage, we offer one thousand five hundred tutorials and twenty-one reviews of true peoples. The very trendy finishes are clear, crystal. The very trendy forms are round, cabochon, square. Accessible sizes of clear glass cabochons - 22mm, 10mm mm. Out of stocked clear glass cabochons are mainly replenished during sixty days. You could subscribe to alerts about restocking (we will send them by mail). Related tags: bead finish matte, glass round cabochon, czech glass cabochon, glass cabochon, round cabochon, czech triangle cabochon, 22mm glass cabochon, glass cabochon 24mm, clear glass domes, triangle cabochon.

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