Glass Cabochon for Sale and Wholesale

Now we present one hundred seventy-six variations of glass cabochon in eighteen finishes and eleven sizes for price from two point two four to six point nine three dollars. For the glass cabochon published on this page, we offer two thousand three hundred eleven tutorials as well as one hundred twenty-four reviews of true peoples. The very trendy colors are clear, purple, black, green, crystal, blue, brown, pink, mix, turquoise. The highest popular shapes are round, cabochon, oval, dragonfly, square, teardrop. Possible sizes of glass cabochon - 16mm, 18mm, 10mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 31mm, 20mm, 9mm, 23mm mm. The missing glass cabochon are usually replenished within ninety days. You can sign up to messages about restocking (we will send them via email). Something additionally: picasso turquoise, crystal purple cabochon, flatback cabochon, large round cabochon, vega purple cabochon, czech purple cabochon, czech round cabochon, purple czech cabochon, 20mm glass cabochon, purple glass cabochon.

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