Tears of Happiness: Czech Glass Small Teardrop 4mm x 6mm Beads – New Arrivals

You will definitely shed a tear of joy when you see our new arrivals – Czech Glass Small Teardrop 4mm x 6mm Beads! Czech Glass Teardrop Beads are now available in 45 New Colors & in popular Nebula, Gold Shine Matte, Jet Black Half, Picasso, Crystal and Metallic Half, Luster finishes. Let’s create an amazing teardrop beads jewelry together!

4x6mm teardrop beads are suitable for any kind of a design. For example, you can use Czech pressed glass teardrop beads to create elegant small teardrop glass earrings. Depending on the color of your jewelry, you can make small gold, silver, green or clear glass teardrop earrings. If your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother are fond of pearl teardrop beads, you can decorate your glass teardrop bead earrings by adding teardrop glass pearls or peridot, green jade teardrop beads as a core element.

If you’d like to create an extremely gorgeous glass teardrop pendant necklace or a small teardrop charm using 6mm teardrop beads, it is now absolutely possible! There are plenty of variants, how your best teardrop glass pendant necklace can look like. As we’d already mentioned, 45 Colors are in stock now, so for your glass teardrop pendants you can choose teardrop moonstone, faux pearl, turquoise, pearls & crystals or even gemstone beads! It is also quite an interesting idea to alternate a green glass teardrop pendant beads with turquoise teardrop pendant bead.

Teardrop shaped crystal beads are also a good choice for bracelets. You can create very interesting and modern teardrop bead bracelets with an unusual eye-catching glass teardrop ornament, which is possible to be made by alternating different colors of glass faceted and wire wrapped teardrop beads. For instance, blue turquoise, amazonite or chalcedony teardrop beads can be used with aquamarine teardrop beads or even with deep colored lapis lazuli teardrop beads. A perfect harmony of colors create a combination of rose quartz, quartz faceted, quartz crystal, red glass and coral teardrop beads with ruby teardrop beads. If you are searching for richness of style, it’s possible with faux pearl, onyx, amethyst, garnet teardrop beads.

In case you are searching for some tutorial of glass teardrop beaded necklace, teardrop glass pendants or maybe of beaded teardrop earrings please check our Tutorial&Patterns page. For more top drilled teardrop beads crafts also check Customers Designs page.

All teardrop crystal glass beads 4x6mm are available at CzechBeadsExclisive.com. Enjoy the New Arrival Discount! Extra fast worldwide delivery with tracking code. Hurry up - sold out very fast! Sold with Love.

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