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What You Should Know About China Wholesale Jewelry?

It is not a secret that there days China is being the world’s greatest manufacturer supplying the rest of the world with cheap and super affordable products. European manufacturers would never be able to substitute China with cheap and unlimited workforce that it features as well as the number of factories and absence of proper control on some of them. But yet there is more to the story as you might not get your money’s worth even though China jewelry wholesale might look extremely attractive to the buyer.


Of course, you can find a plenty of wholesale China jewelry suppliers in the Internet simply by typing a few words in your browser, finding a page, filling in the form and having your order delivered the next day, it seems to be quick and easy but maybe it is just too good to be true and there is actually a catch? What if there is something the manufacturer does not wish to tell you? Is there a serious reason as to why cheap jewelry is considered to be of very low quality and even dangerous?

Quality Issue

Sometimes the variety is just staggering. China wholesale jewelry may be offering all kinds of beads available but think about it: why do customers remain unsatisfied with it, especially vigilant customers that want quality. Let us look deeper into the subject and we shall see that it is the quality that leaves much to be desired, as the beads are usually made of low end cheap materials, in most cases it is either plastic or acryl. And let’s be honest, cheap tacky beads made of plastic might simply be poisoning. Would it be surprising to find out that  wholesale jewelry from China might be full of nasty stuff like arsenic, mercury or cadmium?


Maybe the fact that this stuff will break and chip easily is not a huge problem but what if a child tries to play with that piece of jewelry or even swallow it? What about brominated flame retardants that cover every bead and have a direct contact with your skin? Of course, jewelry has to meet certain safety standards but for adults there is none when it comes to jewelry wholesale from China, so there are things to be considered. We do not mean to turn you away from the purchase; we just believe it is better to think twice before buying the product from the manufacturer that cannot deliver a proper quality certificate. Always put your health and safety first, no cheap bling is actually worth your health no matter how shiny it is.


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