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Why it’s not Worth Buying Cheap Non Glass Beads from China?

Are you interested in bead-weaving or jewelry making? It is important not to confuse high-quality Czech items with cheap useless rubbish from China or Africa. Nowadays the market has been flooded with a variety of imported jewelry items. Some people consider the price to be the most important thing for jewelry accessories and wholesale beads (China or Taiwan). However, if you buy cheap, you definitely get cheap. Before you look at the cost, you should pay attention to other qualities of beads. Compare the features of the items and weed out the bad quality production from your alternatives. Czech and Japanese beads tend to be the most high-quality ones in Europe and the world. Lower-quality production is often imported from China, Taiwan and India.

Beads wholesale: China or Czech?

The art of glassmaking has been popular since Romans times. Czech Republic has a long history of glass beads production dating back to 200 BC. From the earliest times, Czech glass manufacture set the standard for the whole world. Bohemian glass items continue to gain favor among jewelry lovers in Europe and the world. Small beads are especially popular in jewelry, loom work and cross-stitch. Czech glass beads are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, finishes and appearances that make them look stunning. Czech glass beads are famous for their vibrant colors and sparkling cuts. Czech manufacturers use different techniques to create unique shapes and finishes. The most popular shapes of Czech glass beads are:
  • Cube, round, triangle or tube seed beads;
  • Neon seed beads;
  • Flower and leaf beads;
  • Animal, bird and insect beads;
  • Heart and star items, etc.
Today Czech is considered to be the world’s largest manufacturer of seed beads. These breathtaking accessories combine beauty, value and consistency. All these advantages encourage enthusiasts to choose Czech production.

Plastic, acryl and glass beads (China)

Many customers don’t recommend waste money on Chinese or African production, especially when ordering on-line. Very often beads (China) do not match the ones in photos. A low-quality plastic or acryl items are often not the same colours and shapes as in the photo. The colors are often dull and muddy. What’s more, the paint may quickly peel off the items. African or Chinese poor-quality beads may also leave dye stains on your clothing or skin. So, if you don’t want to be disappointed with purchase, buy only the highest-quality glass beads from reputable Czech manufacturers and enjoy beadweaving!


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